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Basic Information

Title: The Scent Of Dreams
Author: Sarah Lessire
Illustrator: Jen Carnes
End of Kickstarter Campaign: Dec 10th 2016

Explored Themes 

  • Trust - in your own journey and  in your intuition
  • Love for another one versus the pursue of one's dreams
  • The absurdity of conformism and flock thinking
  • The idea of guidance coming from the dreams themselves

Short Blurb

The Scent Of Dreams is a magical fable that follows a spirited girl’s quest for her forgotten dream. Upon awakening in a blurry place, she fails to remember what she knows to be the most wonderful dream she ever had. 

Her only hope is to trace the eluding scent of her dream. She sets on an adventure that unravels in a delightfully odd universe, crosses paths with peculiar characters and will push her to explore the depths of one of the most essential parts of life: trust in one’s own journey.

The Scent Of Dreams - An Inner Children’s Book blends surreal logic and symbolic fantasy to cast an enchanting spell on readers of all ages. This is a book to share, to read, to give and to receive, and most importantly, a story to be lived.


“The Scent Of Dreams is a magical book, which will ignite the imagination of every young reader - as well as many older ones!” - Donna Sharpe


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